Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 All things Halloween...outside
 and inside

(an old tool box, a $2 estate sale find)

(a charming old print form a yard sale)
and lastly,  Mr. Bones wishes all a scary holiday.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria

Today from 4-9 PM is our live telethon.  We're streaming here.  Stop by and see the show I'm producing.

Autumn Glow

A perfect Autumn afternoon last Saturday.  Color abounds.

The view at the back fence changed over night.   And this week-end we're looking forward to  "Sandy" a late season hurricane!  I expect every leaf will be on the ground.  To see more gardens from around the world visit Today's Flowers #218.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

French Food

We ate really well in France.  Most lunches were out at a cafe.



 Sometimes there were distractions.  We spent an hour playing with the kitten.
 And visiting the bunnies.
Sometimes we bought at a street market for a picnic.  Paella for the Roman vs. Gauls historic site visit.  I think we were the only non French at this event.
We made jambon and cheese at home for the caves visit.  The French picnic in style, even at highway gas stops.  We forgot the picnic cloth.
 And there were treats on the street.
Cracking walnuts

Most dinners I cooked ... in Normandy
 La Roque ... I even made some fruit crisps with the plums from the garden.
They sell crepe mix in the super markets.
In Paris.

Friday, October 12, 2012


My daughter aquired a new to her sofa from a friend.  A sleeper.  Moving fun.  It involved taking off feet, removing an interior door and three girls and a guy.  It was in good shape except for the cat clawing on one arm, so covering was needed.  Two good old drop cloths from Home Depot.  My mom's workhorse sewing machine. a little time for french seams.

I'm not a fan of zippers or cushion covering.  But I'll probably do those too.  I was so pleased with the result I came home and did my own sofa (one more to go).  Four drop cloths, three zippers so far.  I need one more trip to Home Depot for another drop cloth for the loveseat.

I used the same grommet and lacing closure in the back and Scothguarded it.  If it gets too dirty I'll try some RIT dye.