Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Estate Sale Finds Part 1

A lot of good estate sale pickin' lately!
From Moss Place estate sale there were these quilts circa 1930-40 made of grain sacks. I'm of the age that printed feed and flour sacks were still being recycled for dress material due to WWII fabric rationing. Mom made many a smocked dress for me when I was little. I wish I had some pictures but no one took thousands of pictures back then! These quilts were half price so $45. This one is 87x78.
 Great stars and colors.
One fabric didn't wear well, but I may find a like color and stitch a piece over it.
This one is 84x60 for $45.
It had two minor places to sew up.
They needed a good wash with OxiClean.
Water is a disgusting brown.
Three soaks each with four rinses to get clean.
 Much better color whan its clean.
Finished drying inside due to rain.
 This one is signed Kate on the back.
This woven traditional summer/winter pattern was $32.50 and is 75x68 (woven on a 36" loom so there is a center seam) probably late 1800 or early 1900's.
Needed some mending, but a pretty good seam match.
After a wash it came up whiter.
Like I need more quilts ... but I just can't resist them.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Sports 2014: Diving, Track, Crew

Diving Junior Champs held at Congressional.
 A great effort by both boys.
Some video here may take time to load.

T made cuts and finished 9th. E was 10th.
A fun day to end their diving careers.
They have also run track this summer.
And rowed crew.
Now they are off to surf in Nova Scotia.