Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Jersey Coast: Long Branch to Sea Girt, Then and Now

I took a group of pictures when we were in Elberon a year or so ago (or maybe more). Along with images from my postcard collection and a New York Times article I found on Hometown Long Branch describing the area in 1888 I give you a view of the area now and then.  I remember my Nana talking about riding down Ocean Avenue in a carriage.  She was born in 1891.
Here she is (center) at her high school graduation around 1907. 
Here's the NY Times news clipping, part 1.  Click to read the whole thing.
Elberon houses now.  (Some of what's left anyway.)

This was a coach house originally.

A photo shoot was happening here.
For sale. 1.5 million.  Pool.  Needs work.
This is old time Long Branch boardwalk and Ocean Avenue.
 1910 Note the dirt roadway.  This postcard image I found on Facebook's Hometown Long Branch.
 Shadow Lawn in the West End.  This building burned and was replaced with what is now the home of Monmouth University.
These old post cards from my collection hint at the grandeur.  This is the Elberon area.
 Early Deal.
 NYT article part 2.
Early Asbury Park. Deal Lake
1907 7th Avenue, 2nd Avenue
 Natatorium and Boardwalk at night
 1938 looking south, fishing pier
 Looking north

This 3 fold panoramic card is my favorite of Asbury Park. It was sent to my MIL's mother Minnie in Zwittau Austria by her sister Theresa in NJ. My MIL, also named Theresa, immigrated in 1922. Zwittau was later the site of the Schindler's List factories.

Asbury Park today. (Seriously, I want to cry.) Convention Center. Many a concert and Monmouth College basketball games seen there.
Beach to the south. Wreck of the Casino, scene of ice skating and Merry go rounds.


"New" motel from the 50's replaced the grand old structures.
Looking north.
The  Berkeley-Carteret Hotel still stands.
Looking south
Ocean Grove boundary.
Old view into Ocean Grove.
The Great Auditorium, constructed in 1894.  Originally seating 10,000, now reduced to 6,00 it is the center of concerts and summer attractions.
Looking south.  No swimming on Sunday by order of the Camp Association.
Looking north.
Old view toward Asbury Park.  I was a waitress in the low white building.
Restored Victorians.
Highly sought after tent housing.
Further south.  NYT article part 3.
Belmar.,_New_Jersey  1911.
Spring Lake.  One of the grand hotels.  It was the site of a 1916 shark attack that inspired the film "Jaws".
NYT article part 4.
I love collecting the old postcards. Some were sent between family members and some I've scored antiquing.  My high school reunion is coming up this fall and I'll be back in town to see the changes. Everything changes, not always for the best.