Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mu Alpha Phi at Monmouth College

My mom was the Recorder in the Registrar's office of Monmouth College (now Monmouth University).
 If you graduated between 1956 and 1985 she signed your diploma.
She was also the advisor of the Mu Alpha Phi sorority at Monmouth College from 1956-1977.
The "MAPper Snappers" held a reunion and invited my sister and myself to join them.
 Phyllis tracked us down.
Laura from the Alumni office helped track down the 70 MAP sisters from as far away as California, Texas and Florida who attended the lunch.
Laura 2nd from left
 There was a display of memorabilia.
Many memories of my mom...she talked one girl out of dropping out of school and everyone got into the classes they needed. Many kept in touch with mom with letters and visits over the years. Roberta '65 and her MAP sister married classmates and brothers from the same fraternity and have lived near each other all these years. Their children are friends.
They all remembered the tea parties and some started cup collections like hers. We brought some photos and even a cup that was in one of the pictures. (I have all the cups, the lamp, the table it sits on and the oil painting on the wall in my house.) Can anyone identify the girls and their mothers, circa 1960-66 era?
Ruth Bayly, standing
4th cup from the left
The group gathered for a picture on the steps of the Deal Country Club.
MAP did not go national when it had the chance in 1977 and is no longer active on campus. The 1956-1985 on the brick below refers to mom's years working at Monmouth. MAP plans a brick with her Advisor years of 1956-1977.
Mom loved her MAP girls and they loved her.
The sisters caught me off guard when they broke into song but I captured the end.