Wednesday, January 21, 2015

French Sheets, French Seams

Estate sale buy ... twelve vintage French linen sheets. Seven priced at $55, others less. I scooped up the 10, 15, 45 and 55 dollar sheets. I went back the second day and got half price on the last $15 ones six $55 dollar bunch. Total $265. Considering the price good of sheets I say deal!
1 Drawn thread design with diamonds inset. $55
2 Plain ladder drawn thread work. $55
3 Plain small drawn thread design. $15
 4 "BH" monogram with large tied and drawn thread work, some repairs, 72x115, $45

5 "BH" monogram with small drawn, tied thread work, 82x107. $55
6 Drawn thread, 80x120. $15
7 Plain, 66x90. $15
8 Plain, 70x120. $10
9  Fancy "BS" monogram in a diamond with drawn thread work, 56x88. $55
10 Big "BH" with drawn, tied thread work, some stains, $55
11 Ladder drawn thread work, 67x96. $15
 12 "BS" monogram in a 30's typeface with drawn thread work. $55
 Some had minor stains and mending.
You can see the length laid out on a double bed.
But the width while OK for a double is generally narrow for my queen sized bed.
So like a thrifty French housewife who would seam her sheets when the middle was thin and put the two good sides to the middle, I added on. I gritted my teeth and cut the $10 #9 plain sheet in four lengths. I hemmed the raw edge of two pieces and French seamed them to # 12 and #1.
Coverage achieved! Now I can tuck them in and I have sheet coverage on my side of the bed. I'm using them. I do wash on gentle in cold water and hang them either outside or on a line in the basement. If I were really "Martha" and had her nice mangle and housekeeper they'd be pressed. But I'm not and I don't so they dry flat enough for me. Heck if I were rich I'd have clean sheets every night!