Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hydrangea Envy

Don't you love hydrangeas?  I could just dive into this blue bush.
But here's my tiny tiny bush.
Nice flowers, but lacking in number and size.
And this one needs some acid to turn blue.
To make this arrangement I bought these at a yard sale.  They weren't on sale, but I asked and for five dollars picked an arm full.  (Do you travel with clippers in your car?)
The intense blue is so delicious.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Party

I think parties are easy.  Last week-end just to celebrate my garden (and Flag Day) I had a little garden party.  Of course the crisp breezy Monday and Tuesday had disappeared by Sunday.  It was hot and humid.  But since PFS can play golf on days like that why can't we be on the deck?  And in fact it was not all that bad outside.  But I kept the food and drink indoors.  Come on in....
Food's in the dining room..
 Poached salmon....
Cheese boards.....
Veggies with hummus....
Toasts with prosciutto,  mozzarella, sundried tomato/pine nut mixture ...
Phyllo cups with pipped in goat cheese topped with a date/cranberry/walnut/honey combo...
Desserts in the kitchen....lotsa raspberries.  We're picking 3-6 pints a day!  Some I've sold in a silent auction for the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria, but most we eat.
and lots of flowers ...

And it is not hard.  Day or so ahead ... Poach the salmon (took 30 min.), prep the veggies while it cooks, blend up the goat cheese and toppings, set the table up with platters and serving utensils.  I use small plates and real napkins (environmentally friendly and really cheap at yard sales).  Two hours the day of to ... pipe in the cheese, assemble the toasts, slice fresh bread, fix veggies and cheese, arrange flowers.  PFS stocked the laundry room sink with beer and the big punch bowl with iced bottles of wine.  I put lemon slices in the pitchers for the lemonade.
 Did use plastic cups (so gauche!).  A quick last minute vacuum and clearing the magazine clutter.  With my sister's help we were ready an hour early, so I got to read the Sunday Times.

I think everyone had a good time.  Even on the deck.  I did pick up a $30 fan on sale at Target to add a breeze.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lilies of the Garden

Bloomin' lilies


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