Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Tradition On The Table

On the Thanksgiving table we used the cut glass tumblers from my great-grandfather (1857-1919), who was possibly a pattern maker.  All are samples in different patterns .  Some are very minor differences .... the center of the flower, or the band at the bottom.   Honesdale  PA was a center for cut glass in the 1800's.

All very lovely together.  Photos from the iPad don't do them justice.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Traditions

Where were you Thanksgiving Day 1957?  Our tradition was high school football before the turkey.
LB Cheerleaders
RB Cheerleaders
Our team
Not a clue who won then.  The LB vs RB game is on today: 10:30, away.  Bring a can of food and get in free. 

The Thanksgiving game is not a tradition in Virginia.  Our athletic event is the 5 mile Turkey Trot.  We have four runners.  One (my son's new dog) has already dropped out.  We figured two miles would tire him out enough to preserve the house.  The kids need all five miles.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Less than Six Degrees

If you are local to Alexandria and want a riveting theatrical experience come to the last performance of The Laramie Project written by Moises Kaufman and the Members of the Tectonic Theater Project at T C Willimas High School, Nov. 19 at 7:30.  The cast of 18 play between four to six roles apiece.  If you know of the show you will recall that it is a documentary about Mathew Shepard's death in Laramie Wyoming.  Rather than scenes there are "moments" set over the course of a year and a half.  Here are some pictures taken by Quinn from the light booth.
Moment: A Definition.  Opening monologue by Greg Pierotti/Sgt Hing
Doc O'Connor
Moment:  Angels in America.   Jedadiah Schultz
Moment:  Journal Entries.  Moises Kaufman and the Members of the Tectonic Theater Project
Moment:  Rebecca Hilliker, head of the university of Wymoing theater department.
Moment:  Alison and Marge.  An interview with Greg Pierotti.  (Alison is played by Keira Moran, a talented singer, whose CD Wondergirl comes out on iTunes  Thanksgiving Day.  Any downloads that day benefit the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria.  Listen for an interview on NPR.)
Moment:  The Word.   Town ministers
Moment: A Scarf.   Stephen Belber and Zubaida Ula
Moment:  Fireside Bar
DJ Shadow/Matt Mickleson/ Matt Galloway
Moment:  McKinney and Henderson.   An Anonymous friend of the accused
Moment:  Finding Matthew Shepard 
Arron Kreifels describing the scene at the fence
Moment:  Medical Update.   Hospital spokesperson Rulon Stacey.  This actor had two pages of dialogue for this "moment" alone.
Moment: Arron McKinney. Interrogation by Rob Depree
The final scene we added:  All the company and crew placed roses at the fence to the music of Paul Simon's Sounds of Silence. (Used with permission.)
Bows to the light booth and sound (Yeah, I did that light design ).
Final standing ovation.
Student director Joseph Powers with the cast and crew at "Talk Back".

And here's what I mean about  the six degrees of separation.  At talk back with the cast this local gentleman took the mic to commend the performances and to say his brother owned the Laramie Wyoming land and the fence that played the defining role in the story.
Come see the show.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dalhia Delayed

I've been busy and did not post this on Sunday, but it is too pretty not to share.

 On the kitchen counter.
Enjoy more beauty on Today's Flowers # 169.