Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Journey

Our niece got married last week-end.  She DIY'd the whole celebration using  "Our Journey" as her theme.
Starting with the invitations:

The guest book was covered in a map.
One of the readings was printed on re-cycled church bulletins. 
Compasses were favors.
The tables were strewn with hearts cut from road maps and set with unmatched glassware found at thrifts and yard sales
Hearts cut from road maps were in the center piece plants and strung in garlands around the room.
Everyone took their glass home in a special bag.
The lakeside ceremony featured the wedding pictures of the bride and groom's parents.
The flowers from her garden were arranged by one of her seven sisters in Mason jars from a neighbor's estate.
Each table had a heart under four of the chairs and the lucky finder took home a plant.
 The hearts were two cutouts glued to a bamboo skewer.
Tied with red and white twine.
So simple to do.
Linda is a very clever craftswoman and Michael has an eye for antiques.  Made for each other!  Have a wonderful journey.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Darn ... Missed Lucketts

What with soccer and all I missed out on the big Lucketts sale the other week.  But I found these on the side of the road.
Roadside #1 ... Wicker bench/ and installed on the deck.
Sturdy coffee table ... given to a friend, as found.
Roadside #2... Table in pieces.

Cut off the top of the posts, painted black. Cleaned the brass feet in a water/vinegar solution (magic).  Now in the family room.
Plus some good buys:
Yard sale #1 ...  Table $2, given to a friend.
Plant stand 1, washed off and put on the front porch.
Plant stand 2, painted black.  Both for $1
Yard sale #2 ... Pillows, three patterned, one orange, outdoor fabric, $10 for all (pricey by my standards that day).
Estate sale .... A tapestry pillow
Two pewter mugs with a mint julep cup insert. Total $3.

Great for flowers. Score!  That's my kinda shopping.

Friday, June 8, 2012

First Thursday

Summer means 1st Thursday celebration in Del Ray. And it's the end of school so everyone is cramming in festivities. Today and tomorrow there are four separate one act plays at a middle school involving lots of microphones. Tonight T's GOR ( Gods of Rock) played at an ice cream social at an elementary school
Then raced to Del Ray to play.  Mean while E was performing at their school's spring recital with a cello solo.

He practiced hard in warmups.
He successfully played his cello solo. Down in Del Ray they were counting the take from T's guitar case.
We ate dinner late, needless to say!.  I threw together squash and tomato from the farmers market and cooked up some crab cakes that were on sale.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Is Here

Last week-end was the official start of summer.  The first lily blossoms were open.

It was the last of the peonies.
Hydrangeas are in bloom.

And it was time for a party.

The first blueberry pie of the season, and strawberry shortcake.

Clean plate club.
Happy Summer.  Check out the images on Today's Flowers #206.  Be patient, they are having some input issues.