Sunday, January 30, 2011


We've had some storms.   Some folks are still without power.  My clever, foresighted  niece scheduled a road race and left her cold house to fly to Florida.
Here's the yard.
Awaiting the next storm.
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Here's what I 've been up to this month.... light design for RENT.
Tech rehearsal, Act 1
Today for You    Mark, Tom Collins, Angel, Roger

 Tango Maureen.... Mark and Joann
 One Song
 Take Me Out Tonight.... Roger and Mimi
 Another Day
 I Should Tell You
 La Vie Boheme

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Final Touches

I hated the bottles falling out of the spice rack, so I super glued magnets on the bottom of the bottles. 
 To get the knife block off the counter I painted a magnet strip to match the wall.
And at Crate&Barrel I found the perfect shelf to put over the burners.  It even lifts off the mounting so it can be cleaned.
 Everything is back in place.  We're open for business.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keeping with the Sunny Theme

 Bright cheer for a winter day.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

In with the New (Recycled)

The wall behind the cook-top was wallpapered and protected with a large sheet of glass.  We carefully removed the glass so I could reuse it.  Since there was now nothing of interest behind it, I thought I'd jazz it up a bit.  I used clear Contact paper on the glass and one inch painter tape to make a grid pattern, cutting and removing the tape and Contact where I wanted the etching.
Armour Etch applied.
Let it sit for five minutes.
Washed it off and pulled up the Contact sheets.
My great contractor Timothy Barnes measured for clips.
Put it in place, etched side to the wall. Clear caulked the bottom.
The finished job.
Nice recycle and easy to clean up my splatters.  I'm looking for a narrow steel shelf to go above it.