Sunday, September 30, 2012

Giverny Garden

Here are some more pictures from Monet's gardens.  Some were taken by T and E.

More gardens from around the world can be found at Today's Flowers #214.
Blogger and Picasa are still not playing well with me.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Village Fetes: Medievals de Gourdon

We had a fun three weeks in France.  The best parts were the stumbled upon things.  Every village has a fete.  Here's one we found by happy accident. The medieval town of Gourdon.

They are in fois gras territory so geese are big.  This medieval town dressed the part and herded geese through the streets.

A geese herding dog in charge.

A lesson in geese, in French.

Many were dressed in period garb.

Tents of craftsman were scattered around the town squares.

Dog and geese went right on by it all.

A troop of troubadours put on a stunning show.

Wonderful costumes
Note the stilts which were springs so he could bounce and jump.
The makeup was great.
This fellow had a rolling glass globe.

Balancing skills.

They wandered the town to the children's area.

Games were set up.

Most popular was the pole climb.

A really fun day.

BTW, I got an iMac.  I'm having a bit of trouble with it and blogger, or maybe its the new blogger format.  Apple does not play well with Google or Picasa.  In fact, I'm back on the PC to finish this up.  And I have other macs that I edit on so I'm not sure its me.