Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Renovations: Bathroom Vanity I

The new vanity is my mom's old dining room breakfront. I've been working on that while the construction proceeds.
 Sanded and patched.

A couple of the drawers needed repairs to the slides. I was lucky to find the perfect tool at a week-end yard sale: a small plane for the discounted price of $6.30. I put it right to use on the lath that was just a smidge too wide.
I ended up making two shorter slides to put under the top and second drawers since the center slide was cut for the sink.
 I used the weights where I couldn't fit a clamp.

Primed twice. The first coat with Beher seemed to be bleeding so I did a second coat with

Finally got to the real painting. A mix of a blue and gray from the paint pile. Two coats and two top sealer coats.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Gardens: July Fireworks

In bloom now in red and gold:

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

French Chef

We had a most delightful and flavorful Sunday dinner prepared by our French visitor.  Delphine arrived to take a two week English course at Kaplan. She is the daughter of our home exchange family from last summer. and loves DC. Her English proficiency was already top rate, plus she speaks Portuguese and met several Brazilians in the class. By chance one of her school friends from France was on the same plane to  do a camp counselor course so she had a home town pal in DC. She is the best tourist ever. She walked and Metroed all over town.

Sunday she made dinner while I worked on the bathroom renovation. (Yes, that's still in progress!)  Onion and quiche Lorraine were on the menu along with a tomato/avocado salad and a cherry dessert
 I gave a little help with the crust.
 Our friends Jim and Carol joined us.
 The boys came in time for desert.
 Bon appetit.

Monday, July 22, 2013

End of June Garden

The end of June display:

 I can't believe how well this fuchsia is doing in the crazy hazy, hot, humid weather.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Renovations: Bathroom Standing Still

I hope today brings on a full court press. We've been at a stand still for a week.  The tile looks amazing.

The shower is in place and working.
 The hold up is the sink. It's waiting for holes to be drilled in the stone for the faucets to be set.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Renovations: Its Always Something

I say: " #$@&*%^ it's always something." We went out of town a week end ago to do child care in Philadelphia, leaving on Thursday afternoon.  I was a bit concerned about leaving. The tub was being set on Friday and tile work done over the week-end. No plumber so no tile! The sink top arrived at 8am Monday morning.  It looks great, but the vanity is still in the garage. Cuz no plumber, so no tile, so no tub, so no vanity install.
The plumber showed up and now the tub and faucets are in place.

 Kinda forgot to turn the house water OFF so there was a bit of spray ... like up the wall.

The plug for the motor is not hooked up to the dedicated circuit yet but the tub works with an AC cord. Looks great.

However, the plumber noted a leak in the basement! Not from the bathroom work or pin hole leak as investigation determined.
The repairman on the washing machine (months ago) had not tightened the hose well and it had been leaking quietly behind the machine all this time.
I wondered why the floor tiles seemed looser than usual! It had just gotten to the saturation point where the rug was getting wet today.  I'd had the rug up last Tuesday and all was fine.
Thank goodness the contractor was on site to pull down the ceiling and clean up the mess. (Some mice evidence up there too! Traps being set.) Fans on at full strength to dry it out. Hoping for bathroom floor tile on Tuesday.

Well I meant LAST Tuesday! Finally on Monday, a week later, the base floor was laid and today tile is actully going down on the floor!

Now it's Wenesday and we are making slow progress.

Today while we were at Dulles picking up our last years home exchange family's wonderful daughter (coming to study English for three weeks) the toilet went in place.

But the end is not in sight. No work on the Fourth.

Have a safe one.