Thursday, February 11, 2010

S'no Fun

Ok already.
No snow men for December 19-20 "Snowpocalype" ... way  too deep.
Here's the first "mini" snow fall Feb 3.  After snowmen building we even got down to grass.
Snowmeggaddon February 6-7 we could sled.
 Any hill will do.
You can see the remains of the snow fort.
Clearing the trees before the "Snoverkill" blizzard of February 9-10.

Snow began at 4PM Tuesday.  This is Wednesday morning's blizzard conditions.
 Wednesday night ...  the drifts on the front walk.
and the deck ...
This says 22", after the wind blew through.  I think by averaging we got about 10" of new snow.
We did break  DC's record for total snowfall.  Reagan National Airport (DCA) reported 1" of snow between 1 and 2 p.m., upping its storm total to 9.8". It has received 54.9" this year, exceeding the 54.4" of 1898-1899.  Records have been kept since 1884, 126 years.  If we have to have it we might as well be #1, but s'no fun Thursday digging out again. 

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  1. So much snow, lots of snow shovelling.. The boys have fun! Perhaps by now all the FUN has gone!


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