Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gingerbread House

We attended the Rock Creek International School Reunion and Gingerbread House Party the other week-end. Our connection is my sister who worked at the school until it closed.  In past years the event was held at the Swiss Embassy.  This year they were able to use the old school building, now used by the Lab School.
Good food provided by the elfs.
The elfs assemble the houses.
 And let the decorating begin.
I must say that the houses did not co-operate by staying "glued" together.  Since I had just read the Women's Day article by Eddie Ross about faux gingerbread houses I used his idea and took ours apart  so the kids could work on each piece flat.  It also made for easier transport!
 Everyone else used the conventional way.
 Many creative roofs.
 We assembled at home.
And for safe display I put them up on the pie safe.

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  1. Wow at all of the gingerbread houses! SO impressive! I love the tins of candies for decorating. Looks so fun!
    Happy holidays!


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