Sunday, May 29, 2011

KIrby Classic

Yard sale find of the week by PFS. $5.  Bought originally in 1972.
Full working order, used 4 months a year by a couple who are now in their 90's.  I'm pretty sure there are no plastic parts in this baby.  Built to last.
 Truly vintage.  Classic attachments in the original boxes.
 Full instructions.
 I always dress to vacuum,.  How 'bout you?
Many, many features:   spray paint (you know you love to paint the yard sale furniture and give it new life);
sharpen the knives, sand before you paint, grind and buff; shampoo the rugs and furniture; control the spread of moths;
use as a tank or hand unit; polish the floors; fluff the rugs; and, oh yes, even vacuum.
Parts are clearly listed, you can even carry it on your back...totally portable. (This weights a ton BTW.  So it is staying downstairs where we will actually use it.)
Included instructions for conversion for the more esoteric tasks.
AND after you completed these household tasks and put more leisure time into your modern life you can give your husband a Swedish massage.  Guess he got tired watching you work.
To be honest there is one (1) picture of a man in action with the unit on his back, still, the assumption in 1972, the year this was purchased, was all about the little woman.
Link up with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality  for some other great thrifty treasure finds.


  1. That is too cool. I never knew you could spray paint with a vacuum cleaner. My neighbor had one and I was always amazed that she shampooed her carpet with it.

  2. I want one. That is an amazing machine! You'd be exhausted trying to stay up with it but cool nonetheless...........Do you think it would make you feel guilty, like your not doing enough??:)


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