Sunday, June 19, 2011

Treasures From the Marsh

This was a field trip with the third grade to Huntley Meadows Park.  (They do not make shock absorbers for school buses.)  All the photos are from the treasure hunt of things to find.  They were all taken by EC, one of my 9 year old twins, both on the trip, but only one had the camera
First up:  poison ivy.  Avoid at all times!
Don't know this one.  Something "weeping".
Cat tails
Sweet gum tree.
Wild life:  turtles
Many green frogs
A muskrat at breakfast.
EC was up in the observation tower when he saw an eagle catching his breakfast and got these shots off.
A snake was on the list.  I was happy not to find a snake.
More natural wonders from around the world can be seen  on Today's Flowers # 148.


  1. So glad you popped by today so that I could return the visit and look at these photos. What a surprise, we were at Huntley Meadows yesterday and I'm going to be posting a lot of what you've got here. Couldn't get over how beautiful, lush and green the place was. Really enjoyed it and it was so much fun seeing the place through your camera lens. My Huntley Meadows posts will be up in the next day or so.

  2. No, not yesterday but do remember those bumpy bus rides. Went on one once to Mason Kneck? Not sure if that's the correct spelling. I wouldn't have known if he had gone the wrong way or not. didn't know the area too well in those days :)

  3. This looks like a wonderful place for a walk, I love your shots of the little frogs.

    The little white flower is one I have always heard called Lizard Tail, it grows in marshes and standing water.

  4. Wonderful photos from Huntley meadows. What a fun field trip. I have been there once with my bird club, it was a great place for birding.


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