Friday, August 5, 2011

Chairs for Mom

No camps, diving is over.  We needed a project.  Pop-pop had gotten us chairs to make for Mom's birthday, but June was too busy a month.  Today we had time.
The pocket knife came in handy.

Lotsa bubble wrap
Assembly (Didn't find the directions til we were done due to the unpacking frenzy.  No matter, super easy even for nine year olds.)
Minor help balancing.
Final turn of the screw
Test sit
Painting will be another day.  Some want metallic gold, others classic white. TBD.  Check out the stain For love of a house (one of my favorite blogs...what a house!) used on the same $20 HD chairs.  Such a bargain!


  1. How fun Pat! Great pics of the sweet boys at work.

    xo Terri

  2. ohmygosh Pat... they put them together without directions?! now, that's impressive!! I followed them to a tee- on each chair!! I soooo needed them here to help me:)
    Don't they sit comfortably? I'm really happy with them. Look forward to seeing what metalic gold you don't pick;)
    thank you for the mention; I appreciate your kind words!
    happy week,

  3. I found your blog from your comment on "For Love of a house" and now I am really intrigued by these chairs. They look great and love the price. Can your boys come over and help my son put them together?


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