Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Peony Praise

Last week-end the peony bed was ready to pop.
We had to celebrate their beauty with a spur of the moment party. It started as wine and cheese, but I can't hold back.
I had a piece of salmon waiting to be cooked so I cured it.
Poached the chicken breasts for salad.
 Some colorful veggies and deviled eggs.
Bought some brownies...gotta have chocolate.
Berries were in  at the farmers market
Mini make your own strawberry shortcakes.
Set the table and ready to go.
Peony's Envy, a nursery and display garden in Bernardsville, New Jersey suggests prolonging the blooms over time by cutting the buds when they just show color and storing them in water in the fridge for six months! Or to keep for a few weeks, wrap in newsprint and lay in the fridge. They spring to life when put in water.

Click here to watch Peony's Envy on The Martha Stewart Show for a VIDEO on how to cut and store your herbaceous peonies.

Click on over to Today's Flowers #298 for more of what's in bloom.


  1. A lovely party with wonderful dishes, and those peonies are gorgeous!

  2. Your Peony Envy captivates me. Your arrangements are sublime, luncheon divine and instructions precise. Now, I cannot wait for my buds to show their color., and just when I was worrying about their bloom being short-lived~

  3. Your peonies are just beautiful. Your house must smell lovely! The peony party looks like a lot of fun and the table look great. Thanks for the peony tips too!

  4. Hi Pat!
    Your peony arrangements are absolutely gorgeous! Love that they inspired you to have a party!
    Eddie Ross


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