Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week-end Finds

A little estate sale action this past week-end yielded these finds.
For my daughter
$15 espresso
$3 grill, new (I went back for these after the sale ended.  I had to dig into my cup of parking meter quarters.)
$35 mirror (TBP black))
For me:
$20 each

$1 map

$1 four place mats, new
 $1 each,  five good frames with mats
$20, my favorite find: a collection of baby shoes.    I plan to frame these.
 Only one was a pair.
This one labeled 
"Grace Tower Putnam 
Monday, January 31, 1887" in wonderful script.
She must have been sooo cute!

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  1. Hi there... I'm doing some research on Grace Tower Putnam's husband and his family, and came across this post. Curious to know what you know about the estate sale this came from...


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