Thursday, February 14, 2013

Renewing a Marble Top Chest

Our friends acquired this piece and two others very like it when they were stationed in Germany in the 70's.  They've used it ever since, but now it was surplus in their home.
I measured it and found several places it would fit at Pat's Addition.  It took three of use to move her (I think it's a she) even though the marble comes apart. There were a couple of edge moldings off.  Some wood glue and clamps fixed them up.
The original handles were broken or missing.  They seemed to be a tin/lead material and were never fastened well.  Just small nails were used.  They had left an imprint.
 I used my favorite quick fix on the finish. 
I bought some HD knobs that were a close match in shape/color to the two originals on the top drawers.  I did have to drill holes and since the short screws were too ... short! and the long screws were too ...  long! I used a nut on the inside to make it work.
I did rig a block behind the two top drawers so they closed better.
Followed by some polish. 
 Still has the working key.
Here she is, moved to the foot of the basement stairs were light reflects in the mirror.  We used the skateboards to move her from the first place (by the bathroom door) we put her.
These are tools from my great grandfather. A scribe, plane and level.
Plus an old camera and chess set.
I think the piece is a marriage of three...chest, marble and mirror since the marble seems a bit too large for the top.  The mirror might have sat on the top with a smaller marble but it doesn't seem to be quite the same wood.  It has a faint signature on the bottom. Nice tiles on either side.
Anyway, she works for me.  Thanks Jim and Carol! A Happy Valentine's Day to all.

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