Sunday, November 3, 2013

Une Experience Theatrale

Anyone in the DC area has a treat in store if they go to see Cavalia's Odysseo. Its performed under a 125' big top at National Harbor. Living Social has a coupon. I got two tickets on Friday from them and two kid (up to 12yo) tickets from the box office. They are based in Quebec, Canada and answer phones in French. We split up with an adult and a kid. We were up high in the back. Here's the opening curtain from up high.
Since the show was not sold out we were moved to the tenth row center! Really prime seats.

The show is an offspring of Cirque du Soliel with horses. Acrobats, aerialists, music and 19 video projectors put you in the heart of mountains, deserts, and snow caves. No photos but check the Odysseo website video. Amazing.

There's a 30 minute intermission. E had a new book to occupy him. I got the program which is full of interesting facts. Horses - 64; saddles used - 68; costumes - 365; employees - 130; 10 to wash the tent; meals served/day: 300; 100 trucks to move the show; 19 projectors and 200 lights.
Very theatrical ending with water. Better than the circus. Hurry ...  they close November 17.

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