Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Rifleman (Christmas Delay)

Well, Christmas has come late this year for some of us.
Thanks to an ice storm knocking out power in Philadelphia my son and his family finally made it to Alexandria as ice refugees. And I finally get to tell this story since it involves a Christmas present for my son.

I gave this classic lunchbox to PFS for Christmas. Back in the day at grad school at Penn State we watched the TV show while we ate dinner. TV stations offered few viewing choices in State College.
Now the box sit in the back entry and will hold first aid supplies.
In turn, PFS gave JBS his classic 1957 Browning light weight 12 gauge shotgun. Made in Belgium by Fabrique National, it was bought in Milltown, NJ for $180 when he was 16.
 The serial number also dates it to 1957.

Not fired in over fifty years.
 Cleaned and restored.
His Philadelphia country club has skeet shooting so it may still have a life left. We are generally not into gun play, I just hope he doesn't shoot himself in the foot.

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