Saturday, December 13, 2014

Florida Bargains

It is always nice to "prospect" at antique shops and estate sales in strange territory. We found an estate sale in New Smyrna Beach near the golf course and after dropping off the golfer we stopped by. Uh oh...quilts. For $20, 72x54, as is.
 Five squares were in need of help.
It has personality. Look how some of the 2" squares are pieced. Every time you look you find a variation.
Even some of the white squares are pieced.
The blue line of quilting doesn't run true.
Signed Loyed (?) Vernon Gray 1929. I could not find the name on line or on Ancestry.
I'm repairing the bad squares. I also got these ... $1 for the pair.
And a "yard stick" of 48" $4
For some reason this house had a yard stick resting above many of the doors...bathroom, closets and bedrooms. They do come in handy so I've kept them up there and I'll add this one.
On the way back from Winter Park I got in a side trip to Mt Dora, THE Florida mecca for antiques where I found this crib size is in almost perfect shape, needs a bit of stitching on the edge. Four blocks, pieced and appliqued and well quilted.  33x33 $ 58.
We also went to an open house in NSB. If only it weren't so far...right on the beach, built in 1946 and very sturdy. Not cheap but not out of sight either. 

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