Friday, September 9, 2016

Milltown Road

 The Smith Family home is being sold and torn down.

c 1930
c 1947
Bill and Peter in the front yard with the Stoudts (boarders) and Oma (H Beck's grandmother). Note the fluttering chicken in the foreground. Many an Easter chick was dropped off in the front yard. No walking under the trees, no sleeping in.
My painting of his home for my husband"s Christmas present.
History gone like the Lawrence Smith Orchard and Farm up the road.

Update with some pictures from Facebook 

Wheel with tree grown around it.  I hope this gets saved!

Some photos from real estate listings .... 3+ acres, 1890 house.


  1. Beautiful painting Pat - I love it!
    Very sad to imagine the house gone :(
    Love, Jo

  2. I'm sorry to hear it is being torn down Pat, it looks so beautiful and I love the brick front. Your painting will be a family heirloom, it is lovely.


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