Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beach Time 2

It's fall and rainy here at home, just like it was for part of our beach holiday this summer. Here's how we passed the time at Nags Head. These are all good places for a late autumn visit.

The ocean was rough all week so we took a few side trips. One was to
Roanoke Island's historical area. First stop was the Elizabeth II.

This is a model.

Below decks....This is the Captains quarters. Tight but some amenities.

and this is were the rest of the passengers bunked...all 49 of them! Can you imagine?

Everything needed to make repairs took part of the space. Below was the hole for the rest of the stores.

Then we moved on to the encampment. This was part of the example of toys from the era.

Work was being done on some new exhibits.

his was the Commander's tent. Privacy.

Here the soldiers lived in a single space with armour at the ready.

The table took up one side with serving utensils of horn, wooden trenchers and leather mugs.

Everything was "touchable" and wearable but not quite the right size.

Actors demonstrated the essential DIY crafts that built the community. This foot powered lath you can make in the backyard and turn your own chair legs and spindles.

This was the draw knife...pronounced with the K....used to make pegs for joining timbers for buildings. The actor pointed out his craft was more important than the smith who worked metal since wood was all around and metal was missing.

Here's the smithy, operating in a building made with his wooden pegs.

This young man turned out square forged nails. He pointed out they go with the wood grain as opposed to modern round nails and thus hold better. Real smiths turned out a thousand a day!

There was even a fossil pit...shark teeth, sea urchin spines, coral, skeletal parts all ready to be collected.

Inside the museum were more costumes to try on.

There is quite Civil War history in this strategic shipping area.

Another hands (seat) on chance to get in a classic boat like the one in the George Washington Creef Boathouse in Manteo.

All in all a very instructive day.
I think the beach is best in the fall...take a trip.

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