Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bracelet Replacement

I always wear a bracelet. My son gave me an unusual one I loved and that I never took off. Coulda... Woulda ...Shoulda. Not smart to move theatre lights and cables while wearing bracelets. I was broken hearted to say the least when it was missing. So when I saw this booth at the Art Festival a couple of weeks ago I took a look.
I loved one made of the 14K gold wire, but at 7" it was a tad to big. But wait...Juan said he could make one the right size in 20 minutes! Here's how:

Cutting the wire to size.
Bending the loop.
Gathering the pieces for the body.
Wrapping the loop end.
Adding in strands.
Wrapping the second and third pieces.
The fourth wrap at the hook end.
Measure again.
Bend to a circle.
Thanks Juan!

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  1. Seriously? I can never get ANYthing done in 20 minutes! He's amazing! And I love the bracelet!


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