Saturday, November 7, 2009

Family Room

This is the room where we spend most of our time. It is generally littered with games and Legos, newspapers, books and magazines. Lived in. After looking at the art work on a white wall for over two years I could not stand the sight another minute. So I got to work with paint, Behr Pewter Cup, leftover from the bedroom.

It only took an hour to do the one wall. I didn't do the baseboard, but after looking at it for a day I went back and painted that also, half an hour's work. Here's the result, looking around the room. The art looks so much better.

I'd love to paint the fireplace. The red brick is so... brick.

Saturday, so football's on the TV. Ouch...Penn State lost to Ohio.

No new furniture in this room. All family pieces: school desks and coffee tables from my childhood, bentwood chairs from Aunt Carrie's drugstore in Asbury Park, Mom's sofas and chairs,

my great-grandmother (Mom) Kitty's china cabinet where (in the door behind the guitar) she kept the box of candy my great-grandfather (Pop) brought her every week,

a marble top dresser I converted to a TV stand, a little black rocker my grand mother painted for me, a white one that's a curbside shop,

Aunt Martha's little rocker,

and a spring rocking horse my Dad made me. I did buy the lamps six or so years ago at Restoration Hardware (on sale) and the keyboard.

I really wanted to move the old, bent, pulling from the wall curtain rod higher. But that meant a longer curtain. I bought a new rod at Target with a center support. (I love some I 've seen on the high end design blogs but ...someday.) Since I'm really cheap, um really thrifty, and I haven't found the right curtains, I reinvented the old ones. The sofa is a tan/blue/gray pattern that's forgiving of boy dirt. At Pier One, for $32 on sale, I bought the same curtain in a gray/blue and cut it up.

One hour later.

Here they are at night.

An improvement for now. I think I want to paint the TV wall the same gray.

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