Monday, November 30, 2009

Vintage Stockings Saga

 I'm joining Anything Goes Here Vintage Christmas Monday Blog Party.  Go see all the great posts!
I'm not sure how you define vintage...100, 50, 25 years old, but I consider some of these Christmas stockings vintage.  We always had my Mom's hand knit stockings .  She also gave one to each new baby in our circle of friends as a baby gift.  Our originals were lost in 1960 when Hurricane Donna hit the Jersey Shore in early September and started an electrical fire in our 1890's, 17 room, era house .  All the Christmas things were in the big closet on the third floor.  The fire started in the basement electric box, and the firemen thought it was out. By the time I got there from school it had spread up the old walls to the top of the house.  The trucks were struck in the mud on the front lawn and the wind was howling.  No one was brave enough to go up the extended ladder and the whole third floor was lost.  (My Nana and sister had been home and got out safely and Mom rescued the silver before the top fire was noticed.)

More than moving to temporary housing two blocks away (my "uncle's" 25 room house on the beach) was the trauma of Christmas.  But Mom came through and had seven new stockings knit by Dec. 24th.  Here's Mom's and mine...1960.

My husband got one in 1965.


 1995 A house for the architect. I use a sock pattern, but put in my own designs.

2001 The boys who were due Dec. 25, but arrived on the 26th.

There is some concern shown about my knitting style and the size of the finished product. 
1991 Here they are all filled by Santa on Christmas morning when we still had everyone at my Mom's house.


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  2. Hello again. I added you to the list so people can come by to read your story. The sadness of the fire, the loss of your home, the move to your "uncle's", your mom's efforts to replace those lovely family stockings, and your continuing the family traditions. It is very heartwarming and the perfect tone for Vintage Christmas Monday.

    Thank you! xo Joan, your VCM hostess.


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