Friday, January 15, 2010

News from Haiti

Our friend Maurice Geiger, Director of the National Rural Justice Center ...  (New Hampshire Bar AssociationNH Union Leader News article, Consortium for the Advancement of Haiti) ...  is currently in Haiti.  Happily he has been in contact with home and is OK.

I have not been to Haiti, but I have been to the Dominican Republic.  Here are some pictures from the country side taken in 2006.  They are not the best since I was on horseback at the time.  But I think they show the conditions up in the hills in the DR.  These were the "good" houses.  In the rain these roads are rivers of mud.  The poverty is striking, but I'm sure no where near what is found in Haiti in the best of times.

Can you imagine what Haiti was like...and is like now?

You can text 90999 with the word "Haiti" to donate ten dollars to the American Red Cross; the charge will appear on your phone bill.

Another friend works with Bill Clinton and his foundation.  You can text Haiti 20222 to donate ten dollars to the William J. Clinton Foundation.

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  1. It's just heart-wrenching what these poor people are having to endure. I hope that their lives can get back to some sort of normalcy soon... if that's even possible. They are in my prayers.


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