Monday, January 25, 2010

Puzzle Quilt

I am not compulsive. Repeat that three times please. 

I just like puzzles, love mysteries and I want to know the history of things. This quilt came from an estate sale this past spring. I loved the colors, but it was just a top I bought ($25) for a table covering. The colorful fabric included a red and blue plaids, geometric patterns, cute flowers and little people (vaguely 40's designs).

The first time I used it I found the back, which I had not really focused on, had newspaper stitched into the seams. When I washed it the paper started to pull off.

I could read some words, so I carefully picked off the larger pieces and like a puzzle (or a quilt) pieced them together.

I got enough to determine the paper was from Atlanta GA, 1942. The larger sections advertised a "full time classes, television technical (probably repair), G.I. Approved", 'Lotion 79 cents", comics..."Tarzan" title but no picture and one mentioned "World War".

So I'm guessing that solves the puzzle of when and where this quilt top was made.

While you are here let me direct you to  Eddie Ross and the Apartment Therapy Window Challenge take a look and vote for Eddie's  ELLE DECOR window.

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