Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Best Souvenir from Paris

I'm having some internet issues on the main computer, so this is a post I've had waiting in the wings about one of my best presents to my husband.

Many, many years ago I bought PFS a timeless gift.  It is a simple leather petit modele agenda.
For many years I replaced the original calendar insert with the smallest Daytimer calendar which fit very well.
But now that he's retired (no pressing engagements but golf) he just uses the address part.  He has used it all these years. At the time it was the least expensive item in Hermes.
If you go to Hermes you will see the current model:
"Fauve PM Simple leather agenda cover, 2 7/8" x 3 7/8", one hook for refill, front and back pockets, calfskin $310.00"
I paid waaaay less back in the day.  Still in use,  I think we got our money's worth.


  1. Nothing goes over well made items. One might think oh this is expensive but in the long run it is worthwhile. It is like with the old LV suitcases some are 50 years or older and are still serviceable.

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