Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Eggs Transformation 2010

This year I marbleized my blown out eggs.  I use a combination of Paas Easter Egg Colors, food coloring, and gold paint.  One batch plain vinegar and Paas, and one with food colors, vinegar and vegetable oil added.
You can see how the oil floats.
 The first pass through the dye was disappointing.  But with each additional dip the results started to appear. This is the first round of dye. 
I use extra long toothpicks stuck in paper towel covered box tops as a drying rack.
The eggs dry and I over-dye with the same or a second color for a deeper effect.  I do this till I like the combination.  Last, I swirl them through the gold paint mix:  hot water and vinegar with the paint globs stirred in.
The results.
All trial and error, but the end result is excellent and they join the Super Clutch. Of course I did seven hard boiled eggs in plain colors for hiding and eating. 
We'll be over run with eating eggs since my daughter did 3 dozen!  Menu for the week:  egg salad, deviled eggs, sardine and egg (my personal favorite), eggs in green salad, tuna casserole, sliced in sandwiches and plain with salt and pepper.
But these are the most fun to make.
Happy Easter!

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