Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Painting with Light

In one of the other parts of my life I design light plots for high school theatre productions. This is the fall show "Picnic" at our high school. Starting with building the set. You can see the light bars and the catwalk lights.
That's the "genie" lift that I ride 30' up to set the lights. Here's the view from above. And in the bag the tools of the trade...hand held light control unit, wrench, gobo for patterns, light gel and frames. The Owens' house. The Potts' house. 
 Curtain call...thanks to the light booth

This spring we did "Chicago" and I worked most of April on the lights:  designing, hanging, putting in gel, at rehearsals writing cues and finally striking it all at the end of the show.
All that Jazz...
 Jailhouse Tango...
All I Care About is Love 

A Little bit of Good....
Both Reached for the Gun
Roxie...the other side of the stage had Velma written in rope lights
My Baby and Me
Razzle Dazzle...
The students did a great job and got super reviews in the paper from the Cappies team of critics.  Lots of professional shots that show the lighting are here.


  1. Phew, Pat, What a responsible, well done job. You do know what you are up there for. Applause! Applause!!


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