Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goose Neck

This is a goose neck gourd I bought last week.
I saved the seeds from last year's gourd and planted them. Here’s what happened.
One seed grew …
and grew up the boxwood …
and grew over to the blue spruce …
and had a gourd.
But gravity has straightened the neck.
Go to Today’s Flowers # 115 to see more natural wonders.

PS. Is anyone else having issues with Blogger? I cannot load images in either the new or old editor. I've gone to the Windows Live Writer program as a work around ... but really, should that be necessary? Blogger Help is Blogger No Help.  Just a little rant :)


  1. Cool, I lvoe your gourd. I have not tried to do a new post today. I see later how it is working.

  2. Love your gourd! No problems on Blogger that I have noticed. xo Terri

  3. Wow, I love your gourd. Great shots.

  4. Hi Pat - found your comment on my blog about "blogger help". I STRONGLY suggest trying out Wordpress. (I'm at If you've been blogging for a while, it's an easy switch - and it's got a great interface. I adore it. Oh - and my PICTURES UPLOAD! (Shocking!) Thanks for commenting. (The gourds are cool! Can you find those down south?)

  5. The gourd is amazing, the one with the long neck is pretty too. I have sometimes issues too with google. It is frustrating. I am blogging now with Google for many years, in the beginning it was VERY frustrating. Lots of issues they had have been solved.


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