Thursday, October 14, 2010

Painted Lady

I'm so pleased at the way my old painting has cleaned up! Thanks to Buchanan & Kugal in Old Town. Before she was a pale face in a dark sea of paint. I've had her on my walls for 40 years. Look at her now. In the same old frame.

You can see her rings and also the bad over painting some one back when did to her dress which we could not fix.
She's holding a book, but even with cropping I can't read the fine print.

The vase with forget me nots is visible with a river in the back round.
We think she dates to the late 1800's. The partial name of the painter is Felix Bra"ndel or auer or ander". There are several Fritzes working in the late 1800's who are German. Since this painting languished in my MIL attic for who knows how long and who knows where from (tho MIL was Austrian / FIL German) we will never know form whence she came.
Lovin' her on my wall.


  1. We're lovin' her on your wall too!


  2. Wonderful Pat - just beautiful!!

    Yum, that pie looked good...
    xo Terri

  3. The painting is beautiful and the lady is lovely.
    Good to have her smiling from your wall.


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