Friday, September 16, 2011

O Columbine

I'm honored to be guest host for this Sunday's edition of Today's Flowers.  Take a look at my columbine from this past spring.
Many wonderful color combinations.
Delicate leaves nodding in the breeze.
Intricate design of petals make a fairy cap.
Can you imagine garden fairies coming at night to try on the heady creations?  To see more flower creations from gardens around the world visit Today's Flowers #161.  Thanks Luis and the Today's Flower team.!


  1. Lovely captures, I like these colors.

  2. This sequence of shots are all very beautiful.

  3. Simplesmente lindas essas flores. Seu jardim deve ser maravilhoso.

  4. I love columbine so much!

    My share flowers, have a nice week ahead.

  5. Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden? There should be with so many shades of beautiful dress-ups around!

  6. You have the nice colours for the columbines. They are very pretty!

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