Monday, September 5, 2011

Wild Ride, Wild Horses

We took a ride up to the 4 wheel drive area to observe the wild horses of Corolla.   (Very rutted sand and very bumpy when taken at speed.)
The NC/VA state line is just to the north with 4W access.See the map here.  Finger canals have been dug for development.  I don't think EPA allows this anymore.

This was before Irene came through.  The area has some enormous houses built in the dunes.  I can't imagine the effort it takes to bring in all the material to build and furnish these homes.  Some have 27 bed rooms.
There are some year round residents and the kids go by boat to the main land for school.
We rode down the beach close to the dune line and then up and over.
We spotted horses right away.  They move in groups of two-four mares and a stallion.
They are bird friendly.
A second group.
Theyu like to shelter under the houses.  Some houses have real grass lawns (why?) and have fences.
This little guy was quite brave.
They must be used to posing for the tours.
 The original coast guard station.
The Irene waves were just starting to roll in.
After a two hour wild ride, we drove back near the surf line, much easier on the back!  These art pieces are all over the area.

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