Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where's Winter?

Tulips and daffodils in the yard.

Pansies are perking up

Winter jasmine (?) only 2 blossoms, think I need to move this.
Down by the Rec Center.
and next door at the school
Note the dates on the sign?
Two days of no school here (this is a "modified calendar school", but we just had Friday off, but also have 2 half days at our school plus a full day off next week, so 16 days in class.  But wait ... the last two weeks have been all about testing so no homework or regular class time.  No wonder they wanted to start before Labor Day, a week early.  They just lost a week here.  What's wrong with this picture?
Anyway, stop by Today's Flowers #180 to see all the seasons around the world in flowers.

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  1. Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers, since we once lived for a short time in the forest in the Netherlands. Everything was cold and damp in the winter, but in the spring, near Easter, these were the first flowers to come out. I never was so happy to see something sprouting up out of the ground!


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