Monday, January 30, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets

An update on my kitchen.  I finally got the cabinets painted gray back in May!  I can't get the hang of the "roll over the picture to change it" deal so here are just stand alone then/now images.
In progress....
Not all doors had to come off.
Finished and back together...
I changed up the art work to hang a new print.

 and added a new chair.

Then ... before we moved in ...
Now ... new fridge.
Then ovens.
 And an alternate table arrangement.

I have my winter look of rugs (with foam insulation underneath) on the window ledge to cut the draft.  We tried to insulate but it was impossible.  This helps some.
I love my kitchen.  (Wood floors would be the next upgrade.)


  1. Pat, I love your house and enjoyed my real tour that day last fall and also my virtual one today! The updates are all wonderful. I love all your beautiful antiques and rugs. I am so jealous of those great "thrift" stores in your area. We really must figure out how to ship to Canada so I can go shopping properly next time and get a nice wool rug or two for cheap! :)

    Love your ovens too.

    xo Terri

  2. i love the new gray cabs!!! they look great.


  3. Lovely kitchen, cozy and pretty. The main thing that you are very happy and content with it. I think I did mine ca.2years ago. I still love it and would not change it for anything else. It is so workable and easy to look after. I have never liked the glossy, new laboratory kitchens. For me a kitchen is something warm and snug and not to streamlined.

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