Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cherry Cloud

Trees are in full flower this week.
So fluffy looking, you want to dive right into them just like the birds.  Join Today's Flowers # 187 to see more beautiful blooms.


  1. Lovely Pat! Wish I were visiting now. David is going to G'burg for a quick 4 day trip in late April. We are trying to plan a fall trip and cannot decide between G'burg/Alexandria (I fell in love with Alexandria) road trip or Paris or maybe a road trip to North Carolina. So many places to visit, so little vacation time at work! I am very fond of Alexandria and figure David could leave me there a couple of nights and go up to G'burg and then we can reconvene for other VA driving! We cannot decide as we are craving for a Paris/France vacation too! And I still want to do an England trip.

    Hope you are well! I was just thinking about your two boys this morning as someone was mentioning a diving competition on the radio.

    xo Terri

  2. What a perfect title!
    The tree is so lush.
    Very lovely!


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