Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just Ducky

Saturday night dinner:  Seared and roasted duck breast
served on baby lettuces, with wild rice and a blueberry sauce.
The sauce was a free form mix of onion, apple, blueberries, cider vinegar.
Easy and delish.


  1. Pat; it looks and sounds very good, the blueberry sauce must go very well with the duck. A fine dinner. T♥

  2. Love duck, but the Senior Partner doesn't! I've never tried a blueberry sauce but I think I'd like it, too.

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  4. Hi Pat - Thanks for visiting my blog. Delighted to find yours!! Since you are in the DC area, we'll have to talk garden and swap plants, etc. The duck looks so good...have never tried it with blueberry sauce. Thanks for sharing. Loi


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