Saturday, October 13, 2012

French Food

We ate really well in France.  Most lunches were out at a cafe.



 Sometimes there were distractions.  We spent an hour playing with the kitten.
 And visiting the bunnies.
Sometimes we bought at a street market for a picnic.  Paella for the Roman vs. Gauls historic site visit.  I think we were the only non French at this event.
We made jambon and cheese at home for the caves visit.  The French picnic in style, even at highway gas stops.  We forgot the picnic cloth.
 And there were treats on the street.
Cracking walnuts

Most dinners I cooked ... in Normandy
 La Roque ... I even made some fruit crisps with the plums from the garden.
They sell crepe mix in the super markets.
In Paris.


  1. sounds fabulous. we adore paris most but the next trip will be normandy. i have done bretagne before but david wants to see normandy and i want to see the rest of france. i wish i could just move there, but i get sick of french people. do the boys speak french? do you? our french is pretty good so we feel comfortable but i always fidn we stick out with our light hair and lack of fashion. ;0

    xo terri

  2. I am way behind visiting your blog. I had no idea you went to France. Must have been a wonderful trip and your photos were fun to see. We hope to go to Normandy in 2014 as my father-in-law wants all the family to go around the anniversary of D-Day. From there we hope to do a little more traveling, to England as I haven't been back home in years and years. We'll be saving our pennies from now until then!!! I hope we can pull it off as I have family in Germany too and we can't not go see them. Must go catch up on your blog now and see what other wonderful stories you have to share. Have a great weekend Pat!

  3. Food in France is divine! I can eat the fresh baguettes plain.

  4. Your blog about French food is really awesome. I like various cuisine food very much. I like French culture, tradition, French food etc . Last summer I have visited france as well as I have visited French restaurant. I have enjoyed French food very much.


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