Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting Ready

It's that time of year when folks appear.  To accommodate a crowd I've done some rearranging.  We are folks who sit at the table rather than the living room so I switched it out.  Dining room to music room.

Living room to dinning room.  The table is on;y set for six here, but twelve will be coming for the holiday.
I had this arrangement in the old house too.
I do wish I has a sea grass rug to put down, but the carpet will be going sometime for wood floors so I guess spills won't matter.
Oh wait...never mind.  I dragged the rug from the downstairs upstairs living room and laid it down under the table.  Orientals hide a multitude of spills.

Ready, set, cook.


  1. You have such a beautiful home Pat. Looks like you are ready for your company. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Stunning room Pat. I wish I was invited. I imagine wonderful conversation and a beautiful meal. Happy Thanksgiving. Xo


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