Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday flowers

Thanksgiving flowers on the tables
 Big table
 Little table
 Side table

 And in the hall.
They were a mix of store and garden materials:  mums, boxwood, lambs ear, magnolia, rosemary, mini carnations, lily, and baby's breath.   Stop by Today's Flowers #222 for some more beautiful sights.


  1. I hadn't thought of using lambs ears for greenery!! What a great idea!
    I would agree that that is a big table, but my mother has table that can seat 24, and she used to do it several times a year. Having turned 90 now, no one will let her do it any longer...

  2. Your vases of flowers look fabulous Pat.

  3. Love the soft yellows and whites...all lovely!! xo Terri

  4. I don't have any words to appreciate the beauty of that building.


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