Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Concerts

Last week I worked on Great Joy, a Christmas concert.  Here are some shot from rehearsals.  Some are backstage, some are taken from the light booth with an iPad.
 Two forty eight channel audio boards.
Many microphones
A twenty eight piece orchestra, a grand piano, a jazz band with drums, percussion, bass and electric guitars, two keyboards,  two choirs and hand bell were used.
House audio board.
 Three camera TV set up.
 Children's choir.
 Hand bells.
 Great Joy Choir on stage.
The Christmas story told in song, drama and dance.
 Some of the dancers and second choir.
 These for in the silver capes were spectacular.
My student crew Sarah and Tess were also rock stars backstage and on the spot light.  And the boys came up in the booth and E got to run part of the show cues. 

There's a T.C. Williams Chorus Concert on Tuesday Dec. 18 lead by the same conductor, Theodore Thorpe III, with the same jazz group plus the TC Jazz Band.  If you're in town come see it.  Show time is 7:30.  Choir members will also be singing during the "Christmas in Washington" show televised Dec. 21 on TNT Ch 36 at 8 PM.

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