Wednesday, March 13, 2013

La Clementine: Exterior

La Clementine
Our wonderful friend's restored home in La Roque.
The Western side, tucked under the cliff.  The back wall is the cliff.
 The Eastern side

 The join of the two original buildings.  Trees were growing in it in 1992.

Then (kitchen door)
View from inside the bibiliotheque.
 Original shutters.  Then.

The ""Ruin" across the road marks the parking space.  Driving up this road takes skill and pulling in the side mirrors.

The path down to the village.
The road to the parking space..
Front doors (left and right) at night.  The house glows.
 Western side.  Bedroom window and cliff.
Terrace below.

Sunset view.
The rock face is lighted at night.
The top of the Ruin.

It's a magical place. 

(See here for a B&B in the same town, wish I'd known about this course!)  More to come:  Interiors.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is gorgeous Pat. Great photos!!!


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