Saturday, June 8, 2013

Renovation: Bathroom Paint Progress

New outlets are in place. Outlets.
 Sconces go here.
 New fan placement.
 New pot light in the old fan place.
 Wall switches.
 Whirlpool outlet.
Shower plumbing roughed in.
Drain components are ready.
Shower heads and trim arrived.
Patches have mud.
A primer coat went up.
Base coat.
Final coat Behr Semi gloss Pewter Mug cut 2:1 with Ultra White. Ceiling the same.
It's making progress..


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  2. What made you decide to get a new fan placement? Whatever the reason is, I hope the fan will do its job properly and that good air circulation in the room will not be compromised.
    Staci Severns @ Brooklyn Fan

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