Monday, October 14, 2013

Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Telethon

Help spread the word.
The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria
Telethon 2013 
Sunday, October 20 4-9 PM 
T.C.Williams High School
3330 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302
ACPS-TV Channel 71

Anyone, anywhere can watch.
Watch on ACPS-TV channel 71 OR live web streaming. Here's a link to the ACPS-TV website.

ACPS-TV will be streaming the Telethon live. Please share this with family, friends and fans on social media.

Anyone, anywhere can give on line. Here's a link.
Any amount welcome.
What size was your class? 600? $10.00 from each alum = $6,000 = 2 scholarships.  The more you give the more students you can support.
Anyone can call.

Here are links to our on stage entertainers:
Anyone can come.
Get your go-go groove on at T.C.Williams, 3300 King Street, Alexandria VA, free in  the main auditorium.

Check Please
Support our community's future by supporting our community's students.

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  1. Pat - Hi. I didn't have your email. For the table, I used Smart Strip, which I've used before. Eco-friendly and not much fumes (still used a mask) My huge mistake was getting impatient with scraping off all the gummy stuff that had the old polyurethane in it. Since hot vinegar had worked so well w/taking spray paint off hardware I decided to use hot vinegar and steel wool to scrape off the rest of the gummy stuff. Well, it reacts w/the tannins in the wood and turned huge splotches allover the table BLUE BLACK! Like a terrible ruined table. Went to bed sick over it. Next day read about oxalic acid but then found someone who said try lemon juice and salt first. It was great - put it all over the table, could see it lightening the stains and then after an hour they were gone. The cloth never showed the blue black on it - it all seemed to be about reversing the chemical reaction. After that problem was over, I used Howard's Restor-a-finish on it. I've used that before and really like it. Hope this helps - I'll be posting pics on Monday.


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