Friday, January 3, 2014

Hosting the Holidays

A late holiday season party...Sunday open house for forty or so friends and neighbors.
Entry hall
 Many decorative touches around the house. Main table flowers
 Dining room
 My very old shell tree.
 Living room
 Some of my rowing trophy collection put to use.
 On the table family and yard sale napkins.
Menu: Ham with biscuits
 Cheese Dreams (Bon Appetit) easy make ahead and freeze. Everyone loved these.
 Roast beef, cooked the day before.
Corn muffins (again a BA find, super easy) with home cured salmon and creme fraiche.
 Cookies and strawberries.
Chocolate mousse made by T the day before. He insisted he wanted to make more on Sunday and I told him there were other things to do before the three o'clock start of the party. When we went to fill the filo cups I saw his reasoning....some elf had been eating the mousse.
I confess (and regret) I did not get any pictures of the whole table but these give you the idea. I'll do better in the new year! HAPPY 2014.

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