Friday, January 3, 2014


This house was on the market a year. On my first look it had turquoise kitchen counters and old floors. When I came back for later looks some quick fixes had been made. One was to put stick down tile in the laundry room and back bath. They were OK for the first few years, but with wear and tear and water spills from the leaking washer they were lifting at the edges. My rugs covered the worst of it. but finally we bite the bullet and called Mark. We decided on 6x12 gray.
 The floor had a slight dip that was leveled and a few tricky cuts around a heat vent by the shower.
 It looks great.

 Now it is kinda hidden by backpacks and laundry baskets, but I know it is solid.
While we were in the tile mood

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  1. Hi Pat!! Just a quick note on my painted brick. The painter simply sprayed it. He had a little motorized machine with spray nozzle. He had to carefully tape and cover surrounding areas so there is no splatter. He said it's the best was to paint brick.

    Hope you are well!!! Xox


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