Thursday, May 1, 2014

Don't Reinvent....Adapt

I love the internet. You can find most everything. 

The spring musical at TC Williams HS is A Chorus Line. Opening night May 2, 7:30, 3300 King Street, Alexandria VA. Also playing May 3, 9 and 10.

A classic and an easy set...except for the mirror part. And they have to rotate.
We've done revolves but they have been so loud when they turn.  We wanted better.  So I looked up revolving stages and found this: How to Make a Revolving Stage

Great plans! This was for a full sized set. It is a great tutorial, but more complex than we need.We need eight 4'x4'x4'x8' triangles.
And here we go. Math SOLs taught here.
Unit rolls on the wheels, not the floor.
Installing the base...
Setting on the triangle units...
 Facing the sides, one black, one letters, one mirror....
 Making the mirrors...
 Touch ups....
The finished product turns silently....
Thanks TheatreDad!
A human-powered turntable for low budget, low tech theater companies.
by Peter Konopak, Allan Robins, and James Wojciehowski


  1. wow, that´s a lot of work being done. Hope it was a fun one. :)

  2. That's impressive! And yes, it's amazing what we can find on the internet.

  3. I am so glad you were able to use it! If just one person uses it, it was worth the time.

  4. Hello, What did you use to make the mirrors? They look great. I need to make mirrors for my haunted house fundraiser I do every year at my house. Thanks Jon


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